Welcome to www.SkateRoutes.nl, the homepage of Tjerk Langelaar. On this site you will find a lot of inline-skating routes. Most of them are located in The Netherlands, but there are also a number of routes to be found abroad.

The inline skating routes on this page were skated by me (carrying a GPS) and Anneke Oosterhof, often joined by other members of (‘Skateology’, the inline skating association of Leiden, The Netherlands. Anneke and I also discovered long distance backpack skating holidays. More information about those adventures can also be found on this site.

Do you know of any long distance skating routes (well paved, 200 km+)?

We would like to enjoy more long distance backpack skating holidays, but we’re out of well paved routes. So if you know any, please email us.

Latest site updates


Added Mainline 2010 event


Added two new tracks. Anneke and I tried a new track to the Ringvaart. I continued through Nieuw-Vennep and Anneke cleared the complete Ringvaart round!